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DannyFo (Mod)Sticky: The Official Techie Thread91179601/22 9:19 am
DannyFo (Mod)Sticky: Missile attacks have been removed!118402/07 12:31 pm
AK47 (Vip)Attack of the Clones???38403/16 10:30 am
WeaponX (Mod)2 techs14603/16 5:16 am
Eakright11 (Vip)X or P?510803/12 11:32 pm
Superman (Vip)Silverwing - Battlecruiser1413003/11 4:51 pm
WeaponX (Mod)X69903/12 10:20 pm
WeaponX (Mod)A little late.... 36903/12 10:58 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Nations on Mobile47403/12 11:19 pm
NatakuDomination114102/11 6:38 pm
LokiAlliances37203/09 9:07 pm
GemzA call to the inactive...2142910/26 8:04 pm
Superman (Vip)DCX - Dynasty X Forever08003/10 9:02 am
AK47 (Vip)Nation's account name...712203/04 10:31 am
Superman (Vip)15 Years.... Play a round to celebrate?411303/07 3:07 pm
Trunks316playing again27403/07 9:38 am
NatakuCould someone show me the formulas.958101/09 8:13 am
AK47 (Vip)Congrats Sin!!!718402/07 2:26 pm
IronSinew (Admin)Speed rounds?35110411/01 2:34 pm
TheWhiteDemon (Vip)WHAT IF1439809/22 8:07 am
Eakright11 (Vip)24x16 Flags538508/13 12:14 pm
WARBEASTgive me missiles1475812/17 6:09 am
PicI gave all of you a head start124901/10 8:56 pm
AyanamiFlags..1833611/14 12:59 am
AK47 (Vip)Techies needed...1334012/21 10:18 pm
NatakuMarket Idea.219301/07 4:27 pm
NatakuYour first clan.1322501/03 2:33 am
TotalKaosE (Vip)Another for the record books121001/08 1:38 pm
TotalKaosE (Vip)next round we should.......121101/07 10:55 pm
PicHoliday round118001/04 3:53 pm
TotalKaosE (Vip)Missing turns722711/11 8:43 am
XSquadMerry Xmas group!!! 119312/24 9:42 am
Sin (Vip)Engaged520512/21 6:04 pm
NatakuAccuracy and precision012912/19 3:19 pm
NatakuIf I were 100% active.013612/18 12:37 am
NatakuMake turn limit 2 days / 48 hours920812/12 5:27 pm
XSquadTheWhiteDemon1223012/09 8:28 am
PicMy public service for everyone’s rise1527812/06 11:12 am
IronSinew (Admin)Nations Testing9103407/14 10:59 pm
TotalKaosE (Vip)getting netnexus promoted again423111/26 9:59 pm
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Welcome to the Nations forums.

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