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TheSource (Admin)Sticky: Updates1257708/18 2:29 am
Ingeniusvip armor/ weapons billions115811/09 3:32 am
SnakeEyespicked up broken lottery ticket115811/09 3:31 pm
IngeniusWaffles reporting for duty224310/31 12:22 am
Scooter55Old players43323508/25 11:52 pm
JahrenCorporal228110/16 10:31 am
AlmezHelp with leveling1863108/02 12:24 am
Wooxsenpiwhat rank shoiuld i stop at!340908/25 2:28 pm
Wooxsenpilost my old info!! but started over again any help would be welcomed!540208/23 10:20 pm
AlmezIonic Blaster is VIP only443408/12 5:55 pm
ImmortalsSOS - need help with leveling439808/19 5:28 am
NOOKIEionic blaster342201/03 5:53 pm
ShadyKnight (Mod)Quality of Life Improvements327205/19 7:49 pm
FakeAgentauto clicker!! 747507/05 7:13 pm
Xuejia22Back in - A little help?433407/03 12:42 am
ShadyKnight (Mod)Upcoming MP Tournament332405/30 11:40 pm
ShadyKnight (Mod)Discord Channel021205/19 7:20 pm
Fr0stbiteis it just me or the server is really down?422405/11 8:32 pm
NewYorkugh need a hand323805/08 10:09 pm
NewYorkthinking about paying to become a vip but...120705/08 7:04 pm
NewYorkSo...014205/07 5:32 pm
NewYorkTazzzz is back ;)216505/06 9:17 pm
DarthDiablowho owns??221304/21 3:58 pm
Fr0stbiteummm... help?016004/30 9:12 pm
-DarkDEATH-Forgotten Password232302/04 6:55 pm
JeffreycDid Rare item drop rate improve?429203/08 4:41 am
KochonLeveled up too fast :(124303/04 11:21 am
NOOKIEbetter item441801/07 8:14 pm
P33W33 (Vip)starting a GoFundMe439612/24 6:55 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Happy New Year!635112/31 1:03 pm
WeaponX (Mod)MP Arena129612/12 3:08 am
NOOKIE1 to go647710/14 8:15 pm
PTN (Vip)Credit Help Needed259008/09 12:35 pm
SonnetLast time I played was 2004 549010/07 2:14 pm
Sonnetwww.netnexus.com refused to connect.136810/11 9:35 am
NeridaBeen close to 10 years...764805/20 6:49 pm
FakesamaritanEnergy Shield Effectiveness363505/09 3:04 am
JahrenReset156805/10 5:21 pm
RuianHelp on how not to lose armour/item (Dannyfo)5138802/13 7:03 pm
NOOKIEfor sale161303/24 9:23 pm
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