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Started BySubjectR/VPostedAt
DannyFo (Mod)Sticky: Terran Legacy Leveling Guide135602/10 12:13 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Sticky: Wasteland Training6192702/23 11:41 am
Titus (Vip)It's been while421908/10 7:01 pm
GohanHaven't been here since highschool, wow27151604/07 11:47 pm
53580410my old acoount341209/16 2:34 am
SlambonieDOES ANYONE NEED ANY HELP?122525904/21 8:08 am
Scooter55Old players26192608/25 11:52 pm
TheWhiteDemon (Vip)Binds439511/18 5:37 am
DrahalianMicrocellular Restorator0333206/03 12:52 pm
FootSpaFew credits942501/05 1:37 pm
NinekoneeNew Character - low on credits228702/08 12:01 pm
1a1aCaptain hp341408/02 11:51 am
NewYorkWhat ever happend to the best Deity?078908/01 7:09 am
Helli0nnAnyone still play?151906/01 12:21 am
We_Do_It_BigCan I get a bind or some love047205/16 6:52 am
Jibeker (Vip)Very old account - How do I recover it?1127505/05 7:58 pm
Jibeker (Vip)Hidden items and Dark Corner157805/06 9:05 am
DannyFo (Mod)The ban hammer has been dropped264104/30 4:50 am
RuianHelp on how not to lose armour/item (Dannyfo)359402/13 7:03 pm
RuianAnyone can transfer me some CREDIT?460502/12 11:47 pm
SchmooferAnyone have spare credits to transfer to a developer?096102/17 3:14 am
ItzbabbleAnyone still active?455412/24 7:57 am
XSquad (Vip)Who has money and does not play anymore? 057802/01 1:10 pm
GohanSmall question about promotions266911/22 8:18 pm
GohanSweet, picked up a Microcellular Restorator 465011/22 7:09 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Picked up a SG yesterday597710/22 12:19 am
GohanLevel 3 Energy Shield259511/21 11:10 am
-DarkDEATH-any plans to make tl an app?399503/31 4:55 am
-LastSurvior-need some money teo buy a btter wepon066806/27 1:42 am
TooksWTB Creds14108202/23 6:11 pm
-DarkDEATH-WL training390803/28 4:21 am
-DarkDEATH-Healing cost? Stupid?080703/31 4:11 pm
Thund5000Happy New Year..191012/29 1:06 am
Scooter55Best WL weapon/armor combo?0109609/02 4:47 pm
DrakeBeen 2months...588806/26 6:44 pm
SlambonieHello291808/20 1:20 pm
Ruiizlorenzo (Vip)Rare Items6123010/26 5:42 pm
MVPForgotten my password386901/04 1:02 pm
SNKDNewbie15216804/04 12:18 pm
HydroidNew To Terran Legacy1106101/10 1:59 pm
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