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Subject: Armor available in game(Replies: 0   Views: 426)
Ingenius said on: 04/18/21 4:03 am
(188 Days, 14 Hrs, 52 Min, 3 Sec ago)

Standard Combat Armor
Cost: $15.00 Armor: 3
Advanced Combat Armor
Cost: $200.00 Armor: 6
Firebat Battle Suit
Cost: $800.00 Armor: 12
Level 1 Energy Shield
Cost: $1200.00 Armor: 5
Absorbs 1/2 damage from all attacks
Vulture Combat Suit
Cost: $2400.00 Armor: 20
Goliath Mech-Armor
Cost: $5200.00 Armor: 35
Adamite Vest
Cost: $1435200.00 Armor: 55

Forbidden shop

Level 2 Energy Shield
Cost: $6200.00 Armor: 12
Absorbs 1/2 damage from all attacks
Level 3 Energy Shield
Cost: $10000.00 Armor: 20
Absorbs 1/2 damage from all attacks
Seige Tank Armor
Cost: $12500.00 Armor: 45
It rocks!
Goliath Mech Suite V2
Cost: $8732500.00 Armor: 75
Love it? Of course you do.
Hyperion Armored Suit
Cost: $1,000,500,000.00 Armor: 120
Advanced Armor for Advanced Marines.
Hyperion Adamantite Suit
Cost: $1,600,000,000.00 Armor: 145
The latest in advanced armor because we hate dying!
Portable Particle Disruptor
Cost: $14,500,450,300.00 Armor: 175
I'm not gonna lie, we have no idea how this works.
Atomic Refraction Engine
Cost: $65,750,500,000.00 Armor: 200
Gotta love science!

Best non vip armor in game is 65.8 billion (estimated time needed 14years to farm)

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