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This forum is meant as general purpose. The activities are monitored, but regulations are not as strictly enforced. Reading content contained within is to be considered "At your own risk." Although the atmosphere is considered lax, you must still follow the ToU guidelines outlined in Member Conduct. By your participation, you agree to this disclaimer and any actions taken by staff deemed necessary.
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Started BySubjectR/VPostedAt
ShadyKnight (Mod)Calling All Lurkers656007/01 4:08 pm
SilverSurferCalling on Dacrimoss698212/29 10:43 pm
CRACKER_JACK18 years Anniversary350207/28 12:29 pm
InuYashaSnow is awful6127702/12 2:16 pm
FbgWowwww12141207/28 7:45 am
NatakuDiscord server.250607/16 3:03 pm
InuYashaMTG Arena318404/22 8:19 am
ShadyKnight (Mod)The Unspoken NetNexus Rule331005/27 7:45 pm
Eakright11Two More Rounds..229403/28 3:20 am
DesideoNetnexus users: Where are they(you) now?55320905/08 11:19 am
ShadyKnight (Mod)Back Fulltime / Moderator Inquiries 174605/17 1:18 pm
VegitoMy childhood!14150205/08 1:53 am
NatakuI believe I can fly.345607/22 2:07 pm
NOOKIEstay safe everyone123503/16 2:48 am
WeaponX (Mod)NetNexus on Facebook4152311/25 7:24 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Congratulations, Superman137601/08 10:21 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Happy New Year!532912/31 1:02 pm
WeaponX (Mod)Black Nova Traders745812/11 10:53 am
Red_FalconIs Sean going to launch Julianus?129012/21 9:31 pm
FireStarter (Mod)14 48278005/15 4:35 pm
WeaponX (Mod)NetNexus on Facebook442210/31 11:24 am
TooksWelp...252009/03 5:07 am
NatakuFfs!039708/23 12:25 pm
ScytherboomForum game: Cursed Wish400313210/03 10:37 am
NatakuJerome Iginlas flying goal.042807/27 2:30 pm
NatakuI graduated grade 12.7111406/24 10:08 am
ShadowLord69Discord server..054205/23 4:27 pm
InuYashaHey680409/16 4:13 pm
NatakuToday or Monday I make my bound to the Emmerson US, Canada border.1108606/23 9:30 am
NatakuI almost got banned for once again.6123601/02 11:21 pm
ScytherboomUnofficial Discord Server2108005/10 10:12 pm
NatakuYou all know I would have been a 100 to 1 soldier087205/17 11:16 pm
CyberstabA very old game in netnexus (text RPG)4127701/09 2:44 am
NatakuLock, load, ready to roll.085502/09 5:11 am
Viper10488Sale on Steam183611/26 7:37 pm
NatakuThe japanese lady5106112/19 10:18 am
ScytherboomLife moves and changes.4109403/09 5:37 pm
Red_FalconI had a wet dream last night when Sean M relaunch Julianus2120909/12 9:21 pm
ScytherboomCareer Adjustment7132101/19 7:14 pm
NatakuNetwork and Internet Security Specialist4244302/17 12:37 pm
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