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Subject: VIP items(Replies: 0   Views: 637)
SnakeEyes said on: 12/18/17 1:59 pm
(488 Days, 11 Hrs, 28 Min, 1 Sec ago)

Are there VIP only armors?

For Erica's contraband, which guns are VIP? Only a few are listed with a (VIP) tag.

In short, what's the best weapon/armor for VIP and for non-VIP?

At Diety rank or above, which item do you prefer: microcellular reactor or enhanced ion shield (or other)?

[Added at 01/06/2018 13:52:11 by SnakeEyes]
Hopefully, people can chime in on their thoughts. In the meantime, here is my take on things.

For guns, until you can get the hyperion cannon or hyperion blast cannon, the other guns vary in price and damage quite a bit. After the 45mm laser rifle, dannyfo likes the vulcan cannon sf-2 but I tend to prefer the lvl 3 psi enhancer since you face more zerg/terran air units than protoss units, and when you do face protoss, they are generally lower HP units compared with zerg/terran air units. Also, as you level up, you need more single hit damage else your power hits aren't enough to take down the really tough enemies. When you can afford it, I usually switch to the flak cannon as it has no restrictions vs. air. I haven't decided if getting the rail gun (similarly with VIP yamato or ionic blaster) is worth it or saving until hyperion cannon.

For armor, haven't figured out if the energy shields are better than pure armor. As a diety, the lvl 3 energy shield is definitely better than the seige tank armor, but I think the goliath v2 is slightly better than the lvl 3 energy shield (though if it really blocks 1/2 dmg then it should be much better vs. high dmg units than all other armors). So, again, not sure if it's worth that or just waiting until you can afford hyperion adamantite armor.

And lastly for items, I prefer microcellular, except I lost mine :(

Diety ZERO
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