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Subject: Life moves and changes.(Replies: 3   Views: 273)
Scytherboom said on: 03/09/17 5:37 pm
(134 Days, 11 Minutes, 52 Seconds ago)


[Added at 03/09/2017 17:38:22 by Scytherboom]

Marlon (19135): Hi, my name is Marlon (19135). How may I help you?
Slagar: Yes. My router is spitting blood and hellfire out the ethernet ports. I heard there is one called Rex who can help me, could you connect me to him please?
Marlon (19135) Has Disconnected

"SCYTHY!!! I can't find my pants ANYWHERE!
It's not in my room, I've checked over and over again. Is it still in yours?" ~Vegito, I love you too :D
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DannyFo (Mod) said on: 03/09/17 5:38 pm
(134 Days, 10 Minutes, 47 Seconds ago)


DannyFo Mod
D.E.M.O.N. Member
Phoenix Rising Builder
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AK47 (Vip) said on: 03/11/17 10:43 am
(132 Days, 7 Hrs, 6 Min, 10 Sec ago)

That's freaking awesome!!! I'm happy for you bro!!!

----12 ROUND WINS----
------4 HORSEMEN------
Killer_MJ said on: 2010-07-02 17:42:38
Sent: 2237 Days, 19 Hours, 54 Minutes, 25 Seconds ago
Damn you AK with your high tech, making it impossible for me to win this round. - [Reply]
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TheWhiteDemon said on: 03/11/17 11:00 am
(132 Days, 6 Hrs, 49 Min, 30 Sec ago)

Grats man!

Domination pride.
Teh Commies

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