Broken Destiny

My tears fall softly, silently,
flowing from the brokenness;
Feeling the frailty of my flesh
with every heartbeat.
Retreating, I run again,
into self-built walls of isolation,
seeking a refuge from my pain.
Unspoken failures
haunt the chambers
of my wounded heart.
Now the dam of my sorrow breaks,
releasing a salty flood of fear.
It overwhelms my reason,
pulling my emotion into its prison.
There's no one here to see,
as the veneer of my pride
vanishes in salty waves.
Unspoken doubt
wanders through my mind,
whispering temptingly.
The silence of my lips shield me,
hiding me from the pain;
protecting a fragile heart,
crushed all too easily
by thoughtless words,
like the petals of a rose
trampled carelessly underfoot.
Unspoken hurt
takes fear's key,
shutting my heart away.