Welcome to FS' Gambling Hall! Your fun and easy way to gamble your NN points away with your fellow users. :)

How it works

Currently there are best of three, best of five, and one shot games. Two users under the supervision of an official agree to the terms of a game for a set amount of points. Once agreed both users will /roll on the officials mark with the highest roll winning that round. Upon completion of the game the loser will then transfer the agreed amount of points to the winner thus completing the game.


1. Rolls before the official calls for a roll do not count.

2. Tie rolls will result in a re-roll of that round.

3. An official must be present or your game will not be sanctioned by the gambling hall. Any issues with users not paying their debts are not covered and cannot be enforced under these circumstances.

4. Failure to pay after a loss in a sanctioned game will result in a debt warning. This warning will remain until your debt has been paid off.

5. Both parties must agree to the match terms before the match can begin.


1. FireStarter

2. DannyFO

3. Elminster

4. Stoutn

Example Match

Official: "User 1 vs User 2 best of 3 for 200 points."

User 1:"Agreed" User 2: "Agreed"

Official: "1st roll GO!"

User 1 rolls 0-100... 57! User 2 rolls 0-100... 63!

Official: "1/0 User 2"

Official: "2nd roll GO!"

User 1 rolls 0-100... 38! User 2 rolls 0-100... 90!

Official: "User 2 wins. Pay up User 1."