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    Back Fulltime / Moderator Inquiries
    Sunday, 17th of May 2020 - ShadyKnight
    Well, I'm officially back. The problem with my account that removed my Mod status has been fixed, and I have been properly reinstated. With that comes my full time return to Netnexus and every game within it. I plan on doing some building in WaR2, and I'll be available for contact daily regarding any problems within any other game. The only game I don't have jurisdiction to help with is Lemonade Stand, but I can certainly give a few tips in that area.

    Anyways, with all that said, I know there are very few people here so I'd like to encourage any recruitment you see possible! If you play any other games that are more text-driven, or know any other communities that might enjoy us, drop our link. We all remember the glory days and how much fun we all had, let's try and get back to even a fraction of that and enjoy nostalgia at it's finest.

    NetNexus on Facebook
    Monday, 25th of November 2019 - WeaponX
    Has everybody who's still here joined the NetNexus group on Facebook?? It just makes it so much more easy to get ahold of somebody after they've retired their account. If you haven't yet, join up! Get back in touch with us!

    Nations Testing
    Thursday, 14th of July 2016 - IronSinew
    http://nations.new.netnexus.com/ -- I could use some testing in (new) Nations to make sure that most everything is working outside of: attacking and espionage systems. Please report bugs here: http://laravel.new.netnexus.com/help/ticket


      JahrenCorporal10/16/20 10:31 am 
      AlmezRound ends 15 minutes before it says it ends?08/26/20 12:57 am 
      Wooxsenpiwhat rank shoiuld i stop at!08/25/20 2:28 pm 
      SinI’ve missed y’all!08/24/20 7:05 pm 
      Wooxsenpilost my old info!! but started over again any help woul..08/23/20 10:20 pm 
      ImmortalsSOS - need help with leveling08/19/20 5:28 am 
      TheSourceUpdates08/18/20 2:29 am 
      AlmezIonic Blaster is VIP only08/12/20 5:55 pm 
      AlmezHelp with leveling08/02/20 12:24 am 
      AwoirTECHIE07/29/20 8:01 pm 
      CRACKER_JACK18 years Anniversary07/28/20 12:29 pm 
      Andrew_2006Seeing RED07/27/20 10:51 am 
      NatakuDiscord server.07/16/20 3:03 pm 
      AK47Hacker?07/08/20 10:47 pm 
      FakeAgentauto clicker!! 07/05/20 7:13 pm 
      ShadyKnightMaking it EXTREMEMLY Clear (RE: MULTIS)07/05/20 11:35 am 
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