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Subject: Level 3 Energy Shield(Replies: 2   Views: 988)
Gohan said on: 11/21/15 11:10 am
(1247 Days, 22 Hrs, 9 Min, 27 Sec ago)

I should know this, but figured I'd ask anyway.

So, is the Seige Tank Armor really better than Lv.3 Energy Shield? It does say absorb 1/2 damage from any attack, just curious if I should swap, so I can survive more often, or even promote myself lol

[Added at 11/21/2015 13:05:33 by Gohan]
Well, at least until I get to 1.6bil for the best armor, which I'm getting there, but then the hard part is getting into the shop...

Also, a question about promotion. Should I promote up now? I'm Lieutenant Colonel atm with 4,595,131,868/2,491,328,967

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Drake said on: 11/21/15 10:45 pm
(1247 Days, 10 Hrs, 35 Min, 1 Sec ago)

hey bro, STA is better until a certain point then lvl 3 is the way to go.. been awhile since I was a lower level so i couldnt tell you when to switch. Also only level up when you have good enough weapons

it can always get worse...
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Gohan said on: 11/22/15 7:23 am
(1247 Days, 1 Hr, 57 Min, 5 Sec ago)

Hmm... because right now, I'm generally good, except the Lv9 Overminds, sometimes the Lv7 or the rare Demonic Overlord.

I have a Rail gun at the moment, won't be getting a new weapon anytime soon I don't think.

I am really close to being able to get the Adamantium Suit or whatever is the best. So I really don't know if I should just try and save 1.8b for the Hyperion Cannon, idk.

A bit of advice might help :)

[Added at 11/22/2015 07:54:09 by Gohan]
So yeah.. the shield is a great idea. Waaay better for the time being, until I manage to get 1.8b.

[Added at 11/22/2015 08:32:01 by Gohan]
Something random, maybe it's just me. But I just noticed that the Lv3 Energy Shield effect of absorb 1/2 damage, doesn't work when you are trying to run away. O_o

[Added at 11/22/2015 10:56:49 by Gohan]
Hmm.. another random thing. Sorry to bug lol.
So... does Lv3 EShield effect stack with Shield Generator, doesn't seem like it does. OR does the SG actually show the 20 less damage, or does it just apply it anyway?

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(Gohan has posted: 38 forum posts)
User ID: 10280 / Joined: 4/25/2003
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