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Subject: Network and Internet Security Specialist(Replies: 3   Views: 1588)
Nataku said on: 02/17/17 12:37 pm
(94 Days, 11 Hrs, 16 Min, 42 Sec ago)

I enrol late next week or the beginning of the following week, I just finished up a with a meeting with the admission counsellor.

Hopefully classes begin spring or Summer.

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Gemz said on: 02/18/17 10:24 pm
(93 Days, 1 Hr, 30 Min, 15 Sec ago)

good luck

you have a ton to learn.... almost as bad as a doctor... but the money is there. Everyone needs one

!oh, seXy meh!
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Nataku said on: 03/07/17 1:57 am
(76 Days, 21 Hrs, 57 Min, 26 Sec ago)

Just have to wait now... A few more months and I begin studying. I will get a laptop, that's not why I am taking this course. To paint a picture of where I want to go with this diploma. Im in good shape. Just started running again and I am waiting for the paperwork to finish within the government agency which has authority over my finances.

I will be working on a legitimate and official payroll in approximately a months time. and have secured a stable living accomodation for the time I am in college. Upon my completion of the diploma I will be placed into employment and will gain experience in the IT field. After I gain experience I should have enough funds available to purchase all the firearms, firing range, and scenario based training at Academi (www.academi.com). To get there would be impossible for any regular person who is not a natural U.S. Citizen. But I am an American Indian and it is my God given right due to the Jay Treaty Agreement/Roaming Indian Act under U.S. Constitution. I am coming where I was meant to be... The USA.

Now a picture within a picture, with the computer skills and military type training I will have in a couple years. I will be able to locate an observer who is relaying the go ahead to the people informed in setting of a roadside bomb, IED, or similar threat. The individual or people who are responsible for the communication of intelligence that will threaten or comprimise the lives and objective of my team will be neutralized.

Sound hard?
Sure it does.

*BIOHΔZARD* Sanity taken, seething damnation, Khtulu awaken!

Excuse me while I bark pant sniff and yelp all over the place.

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(Nataku has posted: 2855 forum posts)
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Scytherboom said on: 03/09/17 5:29 pm
(74 Days, 6 Hrs, 24 Min, 52 Sec ago)

If you want some guidance, I was an Application Security Engineer for 2 years.

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