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Subject: Twenty years.(Replies: 0   Views: 154)
Nataku said on: 02/06/17 3:08 am
(47 Days, 21 Hrs, 6 Min, 3 Sec ago)

Early July 2017, finish probation. September. stay out of trouble and Begin Java in college. Study some math on the side as well. If I am done by February 2018 I should secure a bunch of Internet years. having used the recreational facilities in the most effective way I should be a couple or a few months past my peak in Cardiovascular and physical strength. A passport will be acquired, and enough money to pay for basic and other scenario based training. Obtain a few cards. I Will need a good food supply to last a years worth of courses and logistically stable living conditions, all the while obtaining basic. I did a grind much tougher than that in one of North Americas' best behaviour and addictions treatment centre. 22 months, some half marathons and physical training.

Anyways by then I will have weapons cards if I play them right. From there I will travel to eastern Europe or the filipines. I picked up enough Tagalog to get some love nfrom the tropa.

After a few contracts I will return to college for mobile device hardware repair. And have my math at the required level. This should take me a year at most until February 2019. Zs secure more logistically stable wireless communication access.

In the summer of 2019 will be when I take a handful more weapons cards. A good wilderness knowledge will be learnt' through this process. then having maintained some physique I will take on 3 - 5 months of military contracts to bring me to February of 2020.

I will be 32 n a half and enrolled as well as having brought my math skills to pre calculus level. I will then commence a grind of learning machine language. Up to this point I will give it 4 - 5 years. Or the best timing to bring my grasp of Secure hosting capabilities. The right political and geological, logistically stable and community accessible location.

Thin Will be sought to wrap my academics and trades with electrical knowledge. Then I will have a lifetime or two of stable Internet secured. My trading of goods and products, and services rendered. Will be an asset. From here I will have to bank more money as I sleep and put it to work to multiply. I just have to start planning to make things start out smooth and easy.

A new permanent address is due in a month or two. Then attend some programs a few days a week for an hour or two at a time to make the magistrate happy. The program for probation starts in roughly a week or so.

Let's have fun and see how much time I can buy for my Nations use. As I go further in this timeline, the less my vices will have to be indulged. As my time and finally bank will allow for less. To none to PERFORMANCE at that right moment.

There's a fine exotic brunette waiting for me somewheres in this. Maybe Armenian.

[Added at 02/06/2017 03:28:34 by Nataku]
Let's make my deadline February 2022.

[Added at 02/06/2017 03:29:44 by Nataku]
2037, then I retire

*BIOHΔZARD* Sanity taken, seething damnation, Khtulu awaken!

Excuse me while I bark pant sniff and yelp all over the place.

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