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    World At Ruins Update
    Friday, 17th of May 2013 - FireStarter
    It's been a long time boys and girls but I'm back!

    I'm sure you all have noticed by now that some things have been getting fixed around the site and in addition to these fixes I'm back working on World At Ruins.

    Some things you might notice are the fact that character creation has been fixed thanks to DannyFO allowing users to create characters once again. The rankings have been reset and all existing characters wiped providing everyone with a fresh new start.

    The starting areas for all races have also been temporarily reset to Oran as I go from area to area re-balancing monsters and shops, making sure there are no breaks in the map so you lovely people don't end up stuck in the void :P and adding in any additional content that may be required.

    For now that's all I got folks but keep an eye out for updates on any new additions or changes made as I make my way through the world one area at a time. :D

    Bugs and more
    Saturday, 11th of May 2013 - TheSource
    Good evening NN. I have been working on a lot of behind the scenes items, I have fixed a few small bugs within the main site, and a few in TL. I am currently examining the round ending bug in nations, and actively working on other projects.

    TL and more
    Thursday, 9th of May 2013 - TheSource
    I have recently updated Terran Legacy with some bug fixes and content additions. On top of that, I have finished the framework of a new game. Netnexus, unfortunately, has a track record of announcing games or features either before they are ready, or unable to release. I will not be announcing a date for this game, nor will I be holding an 'alpha' or a 'beta' release. The next announcement related to this game will be it's launch. As you may have noticed, DannyFo has been reinstated as a mod, to fill the mod gap left by me, and provide active staff for the site. Danny has been working with me on this new game, and his input and additions I find are greatly useful. Being an active player of the NN games, and a member of NN in longstanding, his input has been invaluable. I believe that working together we can produce a truly enjoyable, complete and well rounded game, something that NN has not had in a long while.

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